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Postby deathstroke » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:02 pm

Character picture:
Tattoo reference
(Body proportions and physical build please refer to character picture)

Character portrait:

*Age: approximately 8 years
*Height: 206 cm (6'9'')
*Weight: 75,3kg (166lbs.)
*Race: C3-P
*Allegiance: The Government
*Alignment: Lawful Neutral

*Eye colour: Bluish platinum
*Hair colour: Brown tinted light grey

+Well disciplined
+Loyal to duty
-A unique sense of humor and a flaky sense of social timing
-Always serious
-Easy in trusting people
-Limited depth of abstract reasoning, especially regarding right and wrong
-Believes that a good offense is the best defense

+Enhanced regeneration
+Expert at operating heavy weaponry
+Excellent driver
+Built-in knowledge of warfare tactics
+Proficient in analysing
+Naturally talented at intimidating
+Adept at getting things from the top shelves
-Lacking in fine motor control and accuracy
-Reflexes suited for complete annihilation missions
-Reliant upon tools, digital sensors and weaponry
-Prone to taking drastic measures
-Muscles on lanky limbs still recovering from long term atrophy
-Not used to turning her head around
-Difficulty fitting in small cars

One of the C3-P whose powered armorsuit got sunken along with the CE ship. Survived a few years underwater off of the suit's life support until it ran out of power, and was on her way towards withering to death if the sunken ship hadn't been salvaged and she was recovered from the wreckage. After resting and learning how to walk again, she wandered the streets and, having been created to serve first and utmost, decided to join the Arcadian Republic Civil Protection's police department. Currently ranked rookie.

>Police Uniform
>Police Baton
>Pepper Spray
>Push-to-talk Radio
>Standard Issue Handgun
>Rookie Officer Badge

Physical description:
Extremely tall. Lean, sometimes with a less than ideal posture. Thin, dry skin. Soft thin hair.
Eyes used to looking downwards. Default expression resembling stoic frown. Difficulty smiling.

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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby deathstroke » Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:37 pm

Character picture:

Character portrait:

*Age: old hag's seen the big bang (unfortunately was too young to remember it)
*Height: 5'2 (wearing heels wont save her)
*Weight: 45kg (93 lb.)
*Race: aether demon
*Allegiance: republic police, military, intelligence... and her own agenda
*Alignment: lawful evil

*Eyes: black sclera, no pupils
*Hair: stiff, straight, obnoxious blue
*Skin: chalk white, absolutely bloodless, and if damaged cracks and chips and crumbles like stone
*Stockings: zettai ryouiki
*Chest: B
*Left shoulder noticeably wider: yes, her design is asymmetric and it makes room for her holster in the silhouette

all pride and logic and cold righteous anger. irritable, callous, aloof, spiteful. curious, zealous, obsessive. sharp wit and sharper tongue.

-water and ice powers, the works: anything to do with lowering temperature and manipulating H2O molecules
-could teleport anywhere
-psychic. cannot be lied to (and cannot lie), her sight is also psychic in nature and shes capable of scrying (only the present)
-bound to objective law. interpretative law will be subject to her own interpretation.
-gun. usually in the holster
-the briefcase is a part of her and can create anything and be anything and store anything in its mouth (and can bite)
-her body (clothes, hat, and briefcase included) and everything her briefcase has made will become weightless and incorporeal when she stops focusing
-to become corporeal she must focus her mental energy into it; all her abilities requires her to focus to use, including how much strength and speed she has
* her very high dexterity, reflexes, and spatial awareness are natural, but her movements are stilted and stiff
-while incorporeal can hover and fly.
-grows stronger the more information she knows.
-doesn't need food, water, and air, but she does get mental fatigue and can sleep it off
* her mental capacity is impressive but finite, and shes incredibly disdainful and quickly loses interest in her whims
-intellect, experience, and psychic senses combine to resemble clairvoyance (prediction based on logic)

knowledge, in humanoid form. an embodiment of how knowledge comes from suffering.
-evil conscience's counterpart. only matured and awakened many many years after EC did
-she thinks EC is a brutish fool and she doesn't care about them at all. she hogged all the brain cells in the spawning pool.
-her agenda is seeking information, because knowledge is power (for her, literally)
-she has a tiny, shriveled heart in there somewhere, and it can only feel annoyance, pride, and rage, and the only thing its capable of loving is thriving within the rules and learning new things
-she spent some time working her way into the republic's ranks through legal channels (given that her definition of legal is esoteric and she has zero needs to fulfill, she ascended it very quickly)
-prefers to stay behind the scenes. despite her rank and influence she has absolutely no publicity whatsoever
-she has acquired legislation making sure that her division, [REDACTED], with the blue triangle logo on white, stays above any and all law at all times.
-and what does she do with this monstrous power?
1. consume infinite content of human and inhuman experiences (provided by uncompromisingly all-seeing surveillance)
2. apply her wealth of blackmail fuel to provide resources for cutting-edge research (to which ethics is merely novelty)
3. conserve status quo to preserve free time (she can read books very fast but she's barely made a dent in just the censored and seized pile)
* very recently, this was thrown into chaos because one of her experiments (involving a chaos demon) went chaotic
** all according to plan. she's gotten very bored as of late. she does like change, but only at her own (glacial) pace.

-what's under her hat when she takes it off depends on how hard shes trying to cover up her true nature
-similarly with whats under her skin. there'll be muscles and bones when she needs some, otherwise it's usually a thin layer of 'skin'
-she can detach and reattach her body parts at will. they can then float around
-she would've been lawful neutral or even good if she wasn't morally detached and selfish.

Your bonus for having read all of this:

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